Rob Anderson for Congress 2018
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Ideas, not ideology.

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2/2/2018 - 2/4/2018

Unrig the System Summit

Group photo from the Unrig summit
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We, the working class, have been pushed out of our own government. Corporate interests and SuperPACs and other big money donors elect the candidates who do their bidding. Rob Anderson is a long-time blue collar worker, project manager, foreman and negotiator who wants to make sure that the working class has a voice in their own government.

We, The People, want to have a voice in our government. It seems as if every interest is represented in our government except the people who drive the machine of patriotism: the workers who pay the taxes that pay for everything. The drillers and farmers and electricians and working mothers see the corruption and incompetence in Washington and wonder "Why can't the people who actually do the work in the real world do the work in Washington?"

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