Campaign Finance Reform

Following the disastrous Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case, our political system has been bombarded with money from all sides by groups unaffiliated with our local issues. Our system of government relies on fair and open elections. To ensure fair elections we must make sure that everyone plays by the same rules. Today, Super-PACs (independent-expenditure only committees) contribute tens of millions of dollars to shape elections that benefit the interest of the few rather than the interest of the people. Our elections will never be fair as long as special interest groups are allowed to spend unlimited sums of money in our elections.  

1. I support the Democracy for All Amendment. This amendment would grant the U.S Congress as well as state legislative bodies the authority to set campaign contribution limits on all players in the elections process. Currently, candidates are limited from accepting campaign contributions more than specified amounts and are prohibited from taking donations from specific sources. However, Super-PACs raise unlimited amounts of money and spend unlimited amounts money to influence our elections. The Democracy for All amendment levels the playing field, keeps the system honest, and prevents private groups from essentially buying votes.  

2. I support the Koch Act, which would require dark money organizations to disclose the names of major donors funding political ads. 

3. I support the DISCLOSE Act, which when enacted will require that non-profits disclose donors and spending when engaged in political activity that mentions a candidate running for federal office or operations meant to influence a federal election.

4. I believe that we must keep foreign money out of our elections! We ban foreign nationals from making political contributions to our candidates, but we allow foreign-owned and foreign-based corporations to make unlimited expenditures. That makes absolutely no sense! I will vote in favor of the Get Foreign Money out of U.S Elections Act so that we can stop outside influences from changing our country. 

5. I will introduce and vote for legislation that requires publicly traded companies to disclose to the SEC money spent on political operations and lobbying. 

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