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When most fourteen year old boys think of summer, they imagine pools, beaches, and Xbox. Some may work summer jobs to make a little extra money, but even then we conjure images of teens cutting grass or working at the local theater, but that isn’t my story. My work story begins at fourteen on a road crew in Florida, continues onto me buying out my employer in New York, starting a construction business shortly before the housing bubble burst and reckless banks tanked our economy (and my business), and geotechnical drilling. I am a jack of all trades that has endeavored to learn everything possible about the world around him. I have been a writer, a painter, and a musician at different times throughout my life. So why is this blue collar guy whose never held elected office running?

We need honesty in Washington. Someone that cares more about issues than thirty second talking points. Someone that cannot be bought out by special interest groups. Someone that has actually had to sweat and bleed to feed their family. I am that person. I have pledged to never accept corporate PAC money and I have literally fought my entire life to ensure that my kids would have a better life than mine. Today, one is entering his last year of engineering school and my other is an engineer.

I need your help to flip one of the reddest districts in the country! Make an investment in my campaign today! $27 is enough for us to order 6 yard signs!

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