Rob Anderson is a Friend of Labor

There is nothing more important to us than being able to support our families, and nobody in the country has a better work ethic than the people in Southwest Louisiana. Some are lucky enough to work at a union job where the bosses and company treat them fairly and pay a fair wage, but on the occasions when an employer is treating workers unfairly, labor has stepped in to defend the working man.

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Women's Issues

Women’s health is an issue that has been politicized for too long. The facts are that in a society where women are healthy, families are healthy. We can no longer afford to be a divided society that ignores facts and research in favor of partisan talking points. Terms such as “pro-life” and “pro-choice” create a false narrative that there are only two sides to the discussion. We reject both titles. The issue is just too complex to be boiled down into a two-word answer, and most politicians who embrace those titles are merely seeking votes.

There is much on the issue that most people agree on once those titles are set aside. No one, on any side of the discussion, wants abortions. Most people agree that there are situations where it is a necessary medical procedure to have, as in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman. The aspect where we become divided is in other examples.
We believe that this division is one we can overcome. In fact, we believe that the solution is not political. Given that the right to choose is the law of the land, and given that no one likes abortions, we believe that the answer is to provide women the help they need so that they no longer feel that they have no choice but to seek an abortion. We believe - and studies verify it to be true - that by making contraception freely available, we can stop unwanted pregnancies before they ever begin. Once a woman is pregnant, we must work to have the support systems in place so that she feels that it is a financially viable choice to keep the baby regardless of her financial standing. Having programs like day care, after-school care, and guaranteed paid maternity leave will all help to reduce abortions. We must stop letting politicians divide us on this issue and work together to solve it at its core.

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Campaign Finance Reform

Following the disastrous Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case, our political system has been bombarded with money from all sides by groups unaffiliated with our local issues. Our system of government relies on fair and open elections. To ensure fair elections we must make sure that everyone plays by the same rules. Today, Super-PACs (independent-expenditure only committees) contribute tens of millions of dollars to shape elections that benefit the interest of the few rather than the interest of the people. Our elections will never be fair as long as special interest groups are allowed to spend unlimited sums of money in our elections.  

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Prison Reform

If someone asked you what country has the highest prisoner population per capita in the world, you would probably think of North Korea, Iran, or somewhere like Venezuela, but you would be wrong. The answer is the United States, and Louisiana is second in the nation in mass prison incarceration. As a matter of fact, we incarcerate 5x more people than Iran. Over 100,000 people in the State of Louisiana are under the control of a jail, prison, parole officer, or probation officer. A supermajority of people stuck in the correctional system did not commit a violent crime. Our draconian, un-American warehousing of our citizens must end. We must eliminate mandatory sentencing, reduce penalties for victimless and non-violent crimes, and pursue federal funding for rehabilitative programs.


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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is key to ensuring an open and free internet, and net neutrality is not a partisan issue. What is net neutrality, you may wonder? Simple! Net neutrality is a series of regulations that prevent Internet Service Providers (examples include AT&T, Cox, Comcast) from charging more to access certain websites. Let's use Netflix as an example. Many people, especially younger people, no longer subscribe to cable television but have instead chosen to use online streaming services like Netflix. The customer still pays for Internet service but elects not to purchase a television package. Net neutrality would prevent the Internet Service Provider from blocking access to Netflix and other streaming services as well as avert internet vendors from charging more to access content online. Net Neutrality requires all Internet traffic be treated equally and without regard for the content of the said traffic.


The United States is the world's most powerful nation. We have the strongest military, the most vibrant economy, and some of the smartest minds in the world are educated here. Nobody in America should die from the common cold. Every year, healthcare costs force hundreds of thousands of people into bankruptcy. Health insurance costs are crippling small businesses and restricting our economic growth. We aim to work with the healthcare industry to identify ways that we can reduce consumer costs and improve patient outcomes while ensuring healthcare for all. I support Medicare for all because healthcare is a right, not a privilege.


Louisiana's infrastructure is crumbling into nothingness, and as a result, our economy is suffering. How can we expect to reach our maximum economic potential if we are unable to offer industry our assurances that we will be able to transport their products? How can we motivate new business to come to Louisiana when our current infrastructure cannot efficiently handle present traffic loads? Our infrastructure is at maximum capacity and is quickly failing. We must work with private industry to identify needed infrastructure improvement projects and then take the initiative to ensure that those projects are built. We are losing potential new jobs to other states. It is time for us to take back our economy and once again take hold of our destiny. 

Marijuana Legalization

Every year the United States spends billions of dollars fighting to keep marijuana off of the streets. We must ask ourselves, what is the point? The old school idea that marijuana is a gateway drug have been proven to be patently false. Marijuana has no known health consequences. So again, why do we continue to waste billions of dollars a year fighting to stop the consumption of a product that most people think should be legal? Why do we continue to throw people in jail for a victimless crime?  Marijuana prohibition is an archaic law, and we must abolish it.

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