Protect Grandma & Grandpa from Bankruptcy


Clay Higgins and his friend Paul Ryan think that grandma and grandpa are getting rich off of Social Security and Medicare. They like to use language like "reforming entitlements," but we all know "entitlements" means Social Security and Medicare and "reform" means cutting benefits. The same benefits that our parents and grandparents contributed to their entire lives. The same contributions that our government blew on bailing out banks, constant war in the Middle East, and the same money that Congress recently gave away in a massive tax cut that benefits the same banks that begged for a bailout.    

Maybe they don't realize that the median income for seniors is $30,635 a year? I would bet that most members of  congress could not live off of our grandparents' retirement! How could they when most Congressman are paid $174,000 a year? That's right! Our elected leaders make almost 6x what our grandparents do a year, but somehow they think that we are giving away the farm by making sure that grandma is able to get her insulin. Hell! I bet if they were relying on Social Security for their retirement they would be singing a different tune, but the reality is that congressmen have their own, special retirement plan, so why would they care about our elderly? I pledge that I will never put banks over our grandparents and that I will always fight to protect grandma and grandpa's Social Security and Medicare! Will you help me fight to protect our grandparents' Social Security? Please chip in $27 below!

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