Rob Anderson is a Friend of Labor

There is nothing more important to us than being able to support our families, and nobody in the country has a better work ethic than the people in Southwest Louisiana. Some are lucky enough to work at a union job where the bosses and company treat them fairly and pay a fair wage, but on the occasions when an employer is treating workers unfairly, labor has stepped in to defend the working man.

Anyone who has ever been excited for the weekend on a Friday morning should thank the unions. As early as the 1830’s and 1840’s, unions were fighting for a 10-hour workday. In 1935, Frances Perkins, a former union organizer and then US Secretary of Labor, drafted and helped pass the Social Security Act. In 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established the first national minimum wage and the 40-hour work week. Ever since then, unions have worked tirelessly to ensure that an employer cannot trample the rights of its employees without facing consequences. In essence, the union balances the scales between the employer and the employee.

Today, corrupt corporate interests still look to carve out ways to take unfair advantage of their employees. Walmart, one of the country’s biggest employers, has tens of thousands of workers that are paid so poorly that they are forced onto the welfare rolls costing taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion a year. Imagine what would happen if the workers of Wal-Mart had a union to protect them?

Unions fought for the weekend. Unions fought for antidiscrimination laws. Unions fought for safety standards in the workplace. Unions fought for overtime pay. Today, unions fight to keep wages fair, benefits competitive, and employers honest. Unions fight for the simple truth that a person should be hired and fired on their merit, and earn a wage that pays enough to support a family.

Rob Anderson believes that a fair and safe workplace is the heartbeat of the American economy. Businesses should be able to turn a profit as much as possible, but not by keeping their employees in unsafe conditions or in poverty and reliant on government assistance for food. Having once belonged to a union for ten years, Rob will always work to support his union brothers and sisters to ensure that no American worker with the will and skill to work goes without proper pay or benefits.  

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  • Jonathan prejean
    commented 2018-09-26 14:15:51 -0500
    My experience of being flag is not good
  • Jonathan prejean
    commented 2018-09-26 14:12:56 -0500
    I need Rob to work for us veterans keep us protected from courts and their threats
  • Jonathan prejean
    commented 2018-09-26 14:10:53 -0500
    A law has to be passed to protect veterans that has service connection from courts in reference to child support veterans with dependents automatically get a certain amount of money the courts in Louisiana once more 6 times what I receive for my dependent example veteran that pays child support will receive $82 for each dependent child support court wants me to pay $565 for child support for one child it’s not adding up something is wrong with the system
  • Camp Admin
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